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You know you're special. And so should your GMAT learning experience be. You know you want to give your absolute best to the GMAT. Yet, sometimes studying in a batch is just not personal enough. You need focused 1-on-1 GMAT coaching. GyanOne presents AceOne™, one-on-one GMAT coaching, taught by 99th percentile GMAT instructors (with minimum scores of 770 on the GMAT), and including focused and comprehensive preparation material, this is the perfect program to help you ace the GMAT at your own pace, on your own terms, and through meeting your own learning needs.


What is 1-On-1 GMAT COACHING?

1-on-1 GMAT preparation, delivered live to you by a top GMAT instructor from GyanOne. Please note that this is LIVE preparation – your instructor will go over all the concepts with you in class, making sure you understand them. We do NOT operate on the model of giving you a set of videos to watch, or merely ‘guiding’ you as you go through the material yourself.

How is it delivered? The classes can be taken online or in person (at our office). We use state-of-the-art technology and online tools to make your learning a seamless experience. We also offer the classes in person in the Delhi/NCR region. We will work with you to arrive at a personalized and customized schedule that works for YOU. That is, really, the entire point of one-on-one coaching – it is done on your terms, at your pace, and according to your schedule.

What all is included? A total of 40 hours of total live teaching is included. All learning material is sent to you before the classes begin. As the classes are one-to-one, addressing doubts is an integrated part of the classes. The program also includes multiple sectional tests and 20 full-length GMAT tests to give you plenty of practice.

You can also choose to take only the Verbal component or the Quant component. If you later decide to add the other component, there is no price disadvantage to doing so!

In addition, the one-on-one GMAT coaching program also helps you with free school selection and gives you guidance on how to approach the application process. So you don’t just take the test, but are also confident of applying your great score towards your ultimate objective.

GyanOne GMAT Stars

Sanchit Tyagi

 GMAT: 720

Ayush Rustagi

 GMAT: 760

Vatsal Gupta

 GMAT: 760

Siddhartha Gauba

 GMAT: 740

Bhargavi Kothapalli

 GMAT: 720

Tanya Rastogi

 GMAT: 710

Here is a broad list of the topics that will be covered under the Quant and Verbal sections:


Numbers and Number Systems

Percentages and Work

Time,Speed, and Distance + Sets and counting

Algebra, ratios, and proportions


Coordinate Geometry


Permutations and Combinations



1. Critical Reasoning (3 classes): Covers all different types of CR questions comprehensively, providing specific tips and strategies to tackle all and aim for 90%+ accuracy on CR.

2. Sentence Correction (3 classes): Covers grammar, meaning, and instruction to avoid all the different kinds of errors possible on GMAT SC to aim for 90%+ accuracy on SC.

3. Reading Comprehension (3 classes): Covers reading, comprehension, different question types, and special strategies to help you ace this section and aim for 100% accuracy on RC.

AWA and IR classes (1 each) will be held separately and apart from these.

Can I get a demo class? Absolutely! We are extremely confident of the quality of our teaching. Contact us today for a demo class.

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