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Dude/dudette, the days of winging it are over. Before you apply, you need to know where you stand and where you are headed. The MBA application process for top schools is hard, and the best tool to cut through the confusion is KNOWLEDGE.

Usual applicant concerns range from GMATs to GPAs, gap years, leadership experience and extra-curricular achievements. And almost all our applicants have faced it too. Actually much more. Put it out on the form below. The more detailed your query is, the better our solution would be.

The right advice can help you avoid hundreds of hours wasted in pursuing the wrong options, not to mention thousands of dollars. Ever wished you could have a seasoned expert who could tell you exactly how it is, without needing to waste time on general queries in forums or searching answers online? Your wish has been answered. This free MBA Profile Evaluation helps you tap into our decades of experience.

That is how thousands of MBA applicants have landed in the top 20 MBA programs globally. Start your journey with us now!


For all other queries, please email us directly at: info [at] gyanone [dot] com

We do not have any restrictions on what you can ask in this profile evaluation. If it is on your mind, even if it is basic, ask. It is only through questions that you will get answers. Reaching out for a chat is never harmful.
The more information you provide us, the more we can help you. The more specific your questions are, the more specific our answers will be. Any information submitted to us will be held confidential, so don’t hold back in providing information.
We tell it like it is. Please be ready for direct feedback. Our objective is to give you the right information, even if it is not good news, not to sugarcoat what we say. Sometimes, you need tough love, to open your eyes to reality.
This evaluation is not just for MBA applicants (though the title says so), but also for MiM/other Master’s applicants. Feel free to reach out.
This profile evaluation works best if you are planning to apply this year. If you are looking at profile building for the future instead, this offering is more appropriate.
We offer a 20-minute discussion with a top consultant in this offering. In our experience, that is enough. If you have already availed the evaluation once, please reach out on email instead (given below) for any further query.
We get a large number of requests for evaluation, so in busy periods there may be a delay in responding, though we try to be prompt.

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