MBA Scholarships for African Students in Canada, Asia and Australia

This article is in continuation to our series on MBA Scholarships for African Students. Read up on MBA Scholarshisp for African Students in USA and Europe. 


Canada has been reporting the best numbers as far as business school applicants are concerned and while the spike first began right after the US elections in 2016, web traffic and applications to some business schools in Canada have seen an actual 20% jump since then. Some of the countries that people come from include Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia, China, France and the USA.

However, if they will have to compete with schools in the US or other parts of the world, Canadian business schools will have to up the ante when it comes to scholarships and fellowships being offered as this is one of the things that will make the programs attractive for applicants from developing countries such as Africa.

  1. Rotman School of Business:
  • Every year, a student from each of the mentioned countries including Africa is eligible to receive $ 50,000 under the Rotman Regional Scholarship program. This was designed to bring about a more balanced distribution of candidates in the program
  1. Ivey Business School:
  • Ivey Global Leader Award: This award has been instituted to encourage diversity in the class and to recognize leadership potential in candidates from the international community. So, those candidates residing in Africa (amongst a few other nations as well) will be eligible to receive CDN $ 50,000 if they can demonstrate their leadership capabilities through previous experiences.
  1. Desautels’ Faculty of Management:
  • Desautels Worldly PMBA Fellowships- International are awarded annually to outstanding students from the African region. Multiple awards are given out in this category and candidates are eligible for awards of up to $ 20,000.
  • Duerksen MBA Leadership award of $ 10,000 will be given to outstanding students entering the MBA program. Preference will be given to students coming from developing countries such as Africa (amongst a few others).

NUS Singapore GyanOne


The economic growth in Asia makes it an attractive destination and with business schools such as CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) ranked 11th in the FT rankings, there is an increasing interest to get an MBA from the many business schools in this region.

While CEIBS’s focus is increasingly on domestic companies, it opened a campus in Accra, Ghana, in 2009 to train executives of Chinese companies in Africa and in 2015, they acquired the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich to establish a European campus as well. Apart from this, schools in this region are setting up student exchange programs with the best schools from around the world and scholarships to attract the best student population from this region.

  1. National University of Singapore:
  • NUS MBA Diversity Scholarships awards scholarships ranging from 30% to 65% of the tuition fees to students coming from the African region (amongst others) in order to promote diversity within the cohort.
  1. Nanyang Technological University:
  • NTU Business Talent Scholarship for Africa seeks to promote business links between the two countries and candidates showing promise in these areas will be considered for this scholarship. So, not only will academic performance be considered important but an intent to promote business between Africa and Singapore will be considered critical.
  • Nanyang Diversity Leader scholarships put the attention on promoting the diversity in the MBA cohort. By giving away scholarships to students from the minority nationality, they hope to improve the improve the number of students coming from developing or least developed countries.
  • Nanyang Emerging Markets Leader Scholarships aims to support dynamic and upcoming leaders by providing partial financial aid to those students coming from emerging markets such as Africa (includes a few other countries as well).
  1. CEIBS (China Europe International Business School):
  • African Talent Scholarships are awarded to first-year students applying to the MBA program here.
  • The Diversity Scholarships seek to promote a better and more diverse class of MBA students. These are also offered to first-year students enrolled in the MBA program.



Australia is fast becoming one of the most attractive cities for international students heading abroad for MBA’s. In fact, according to a survey, it is very soon going to replace the UK as the second most popular country for international students with Sydney and Melbourne being the most popular amongst the student population. One of the factors that work in Australia’s favor is that it is relatively easier to stay back in the country after the completion of the program.

There has much been much discussion about the growing dependence on the Chinese students and this has made institutions look beyond. They are increasingly targeting Africa and Latin America apart from India to make their student group more diverse. One of the best ways to attract top talent is to offer scholarships, better programs and a more global course.

Here’s a look at the scholarships offered to African nationals in Australian business schools.

  1. University of Melbourne:
  • Developing Nations Scholarships provides scholarships starting from $ 60,000 to candidates from developing countries (Africa along with a few other countries as mentioned by the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Diversity Excellence Scholarships provides aid starting from $ 50,000 to candidates coming from countries that qualify as emerging markets or Developing countries.
  1. UNSW, University of New South Wales:
  • AGSM Global Reach Scholarships provides aid to high-achieving students from the African region enrolled in the MBA program and while there are several scholarships awarded to those from other countries as well, one scholarship is awarded to a student from each of these countries. You can qualify for a full-tuition, 50% or 25% tuition fee waiver.
  1. Macquarie Graduate School of Management:
  • Macquarie University Africa Development Scholarship offers $ 5,000 annually to African nationals enrolled in the full-time MBA program at MGSM.

Michael Robinson, the director of admissions at Columbia Business School says that considering the increasing interest shown by African applicants, American business schools are becoming aggressive in providing larger funding options for students. With South Africans willing to spend big bucks to get the best business education abroad, business schools are doing everything to provide them with the impetus to choose them over the others. With so many scholarships available for you, this may be the best time to sign up for the MBA program you have been eyeing!

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