GyanOne Offers Scholarships to Top MBA Admits

In an attempt to reward meritious MBA applicants, GyanOne is offering scholarships to successful MBA applicants who have been selected by top bschools. These scholarships aim to provide financial aid for further education of Indian applicants with modest financial backgrounds. So all successful MBA applicants, here’s your chance to lower your cost of studying abroad and pursuing an MBA from a top B-school at a lower cost.

A number of GyanOne make it to top MBA programs with scholarship (from the admitting schools) every year. However, there are a few who are still in need of financial aid. GyanOne has launched this initiative to help such students. One does not need to be a GyanOne client to apply.

GyanOne has worked with a number of MBA applicants and has helped them achieve scholarships from top bschools like Johnson Cornell, Kenan Flagler, McCombs, Tuck, Indiana Kelley, Darden, Ivey, and Rotman. There is no one recipe of getting scholarships. Just like the recipe for the perfect cup of coffee or Coca Cola itself, this one is hard to pin down in terms of the exact formula. However, we do know the ingredients, and we also do know approximate proportions of which ingredients matter the most. Very importantly, each of them also matters according to who’s tasting the dish and what they usually have. For example, a top school might regularly be getting a slew of top GMAT scorers, so just having a high GMAT score may not be enough to win a scholarship at a top MBA program. Diversity in your profile, solid work achievements, and a slew of skills that make schools look at you as a star applicant are very important.

“It is amazing to get an admit from Kenan Flagler Business School with 100% scholarship. I am thrilled and want to put in a review about GyanOne MBA Admission Consultants. I had enrolled for their application review service and am truly impressed with the dedication and commitment that their consultants show towards their clients. The kind of effort that they put into your application actually makes you confident of putting your best foot forward. They are very professional and meticulous in their work and, I would recommend them to all applicants looking for admission to top US bschools”, said Rajan Seth, who got a 100% tution waiver from Kenan Flagler Business School.

Some of the Scholarship champs at GyanOne are:

  1. Rajan Seth: 100% Scholarship Kenan Flagler, USA
  2. Ishan Agnihotri: Scholarship at Johnson Cornell, USA
  3. Prashant Jain: Scholarship at Ivey Business School, Canada,
  4. Kunal Biswas: Scholarship at Rotman Business School, Canada
  5. Dhruva Bhardwaj: Scholarship at Indiana Kelley

To avail of the GyanOne scholarship, applicants are requested to contact the admin team at info[at the rate]gyanone [dot] com and fill up the scholarship forms at the front desk to apply for financial aid. Forms will be reviewed by the GyanOne management team to select the 3 most deserving candidates. Selected candidates would be informed by phone and mail of the results. The management’s decision will be final and binding under all circumstances.

Click here to contact front desk now!

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