Work At GyanOne

GyanOne offers passionate people the chance to make a difference to hundreds of applicants and test-takers each year. Work with us as we offer industry-leading compensation, the promise of a collegial yet professional working environment, and some perks and benefits to go along with this too!  Join us if you are in this for the long haul. Please do not consider us if you are looking for temporary options for a few months.

Each year, we invite a few distinguished individuals from a large pool of applicants to join us. Each applicant to career positions at GyanOne must fulfil three conditions:


1. If applying for MBA-related positions, must be a top B-school alumnus from an institution that admits people through predominantly the GMAT route. If applying for MS-related positions, must be a top Master’s graduate, having been admitted to the Master’s program through the GRE route. If applying for SAT teaching, must be a top global university graduate, having been admitted to the program through the SAT route.


2. Must have a minimum GMAT score of 760/800 on the GMAT, or 335/340 on the GRE, or 2200/2400 on the SAT.


3. Must be willing to work full-time. We do not offer part-time or weekend-only positions. You must be willing to work for at least five full working days each week. You can decide which two days of the week you want off (need not be the traditional Sat and Sun). We will work with you to ensure that your customized work needs are taken care of. Working remotely is possible but you must be available on phone/email during working hours if working remotely.


If you fulfil these conditions, and are passionate to make a difference in the areas that we work in, send us your resume at: careers [at] gyanone [dot] com. Your resume is essential for us to consider you for open positions. An email stating an interest in open positions with a brief career summary is insufficient and will not receive a response.

If you have queries, feel free to email us on the address mentioned. Please do not call us over these queries – we have a small HR division, and it is not possible for it to call back or respond to the questions of each person. GyanOne reserves the right to refuse an offer to any applicant at any stage of the recruitment process without assigning any reasons thereof.