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Masters' Union

Masters’ Union School of Business is a technology-focused business school which is led by eminent veteran leaders, executives and businessmen. Wondering why are we writing about it?

Is it as good as the ISB and top IIMs? Not yet, although this is yet to show us statistics to believe this, we are banking heavily on it. Why? The most idiosyncratic feature of this B-school is its ‘Masters’ – CXOs, MDs and even Members of Parliament, who not JUST teach the courses, but have also plunged out the finest curriculum.

To top it, the one-on-one ‘mentoring’ and ‘shadow’ programmes with the students wherein the students accompany their mentors to their workplace to see them in action, gives the first-ever hands-on experience on leadership.

And for all those entrepreneurs, figuring out ways to gain that exposure and understand business risks first hand, consider this.

Masters’ Union has a unique student-run fund with a corpus of Rs. 5 Crore that invests in the real estate, capital markets, providing the cohort for a hands-on experience of managing a fund, under the guidance of a Master.

  • The students only raise additional funds from investors and philanthropists.
  • The fund is entirely and solely managed by the students of the Masters’ Union.
  • The fund is mentored by top investment advisors and venture capitalists.
  • Profits of the fund are divided among the student fund managers

This diversified fund will be managed by 5 major teams at Masters’ Union.

Let’s talk about the program

The school’s flagship programme is a 16-month intensive PGP-TBM (Post Graduate Programme in Technology Business Management).

The PGP-TBM Programme is led by real practitioners, driven by live projects and grounded in technology.

  • Programme Structure: 8 terms of 6 weeks each
  • Term Schedule: 5 courses in each of the 8 terms
  • Concentrations to Study: 6 {Core: 4 & Area: 2}
  • Courses in Each Concentration: 4-5 {Skill Based: 1-2 & Case Recitals: 3-4}



Who all can apply for it?

An ideal applicant needs to have strong analytical aptitude and shoudl be blessed with leadership and ethical qualities. There’s no age limit for the admission.

You need 3-4 years Bachelors or Undergraduate Degree in any discipline from a recognized institution. Though the students with some work experience are preferred, the fresh graduates can also apply.

COMPETITIVE EXAM: Applicants need to have a valid GMAT, GRE, CAT or NMAT score. The admission panel can waiver it off under exceptional circumstances.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: TOEFL / IELTS / PTE score (only if the language of instruction at the undergraduate study level is not English).


Program’s structure

Masters’ Union offers an individualized PGP-TBM programme with more than 87 electives, with an option to either pursue a generalist path towards management or construct a tailor-made PGP programme that fits your personal and career goals.

The 16 months PGP-TBM at Masters’ Union, encapsulates global practices in management education. It includes 12 months of rigorous academic training in core areas and industry concentrations with 3 months internship tenure.

This 3-month training gives an opportunity to learn how to set priorities and make choices. The curriculum aims to be immersive as it integrates various consulting projects around corporate success stories for real clients.

Students also experience with hands-on Boot camp style tech courses to prepare themselves for the growing technology in all aspects of the business. The available courses are Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce Implementations, cyber security and many more.


Career prospects

The list of all the recruiting companies at the Masters’ Union is available online on the website. But to name a few, American Express, Lays, CISCO are the names you can look forward to be associated with.

For those who are more focussed in making their career in banking specifically, Master’s Union recommends that you secure a summer internship with a financial institution or investment bank

For other sector or functional moves, graduates need to identify their career goals early on and work in conjunction with Career Development staff to prepare for these transitions.

We will be providing more information on their admissions criterion and a detailed comparison with ISB (we know you want that!) soon. 

If you are looking for more information or help on cracking Masters Union Admit, write in to us info [at the rate] gyanone [dot] com, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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It would be a good insight to also read about how the Masters Union Program compares with the ISB PGP.

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