Masters in Computer Science in USA

Masters in Computer Science Experience at The University of Southern California

The Masters program at USC is ranked among the top 20 in the world. It aims at building a deep understanding of both fundamentals and important current issues in computer science and computer engineering to its students. These are insights from  Mitul Srivastava (verbatim), a GyanOne client and now a Masters in Computer Science student at the University of Southern California.


First I would like to thank GyanOne Admission Consultants to make it possible for me to pursue my Masters in Computer Science from a top notch University of USA.

I found the University of Southern California and Viterbi School Engineering to be very welcoming. Right from the orientation day each department is very helping and concerned in nature. The University of Southern California claims that it has the maximum number of international students in US and students are from around 120 different countries and I am amazed to find that it is so true!

The university campus is right in the middle of city. As University of Southern California was founded in 1880, it has a mixture of old and new buildings. The best part about the campus is its huge and comprehensive library. Even though it has different buildings for its various academic ranging from social, technical to music & arts, you can find students from all majors and you may interact with them and learn about their curriculum at Leavy library. Also, the University of Southern California takes its students’ safety and security as a prime concern. The best example will be the free cab facility popularly known as the “Campus Cruiser” which will help you to commute to the campus during late night hours.

The University of Southern California(USC), being a private university and situated in downtown Los Angeles, it’s a bit expensive to live around here. But, if you have a firm determination to cut on your spendings (cooking at home, buying used stuff, etc.), you can reduce your cost of living to a great extent. If you are cooking your food at home it won’t be very expensive, but if you are habitual restaurant eater, get ready to pay a heavy amount. And if someone is really out of money, one can go Free Food hunting.., every time some event will be going on which can serve you free food, so stay informed and connected. Housing is available with wide range of apartments for rent, starting from $350 it can go up to $1350. LA has high cost of travelling, I like biking and so I generally have a ride rather than using the public transports. Fruits are cheaper here so you can follow your Mom’s and doctor’s advice to have an apple a day. At the same time if you can manage a part time job with your study you can earn minimum of 10 dollar/hr. So, with your determination and part time salary you can easily manage your living expenses.

Regarding the course curriculum I would like to remind you that it’s not India and it’s not your bachelor degree. Every week you will have only one lecture for all the courses you have been enrolled to, but you have to complete the assignments, read the book and the provided study materials and if everything is going smooth then you will realize mid-term is waiting for you next week. And once mid-terms are over get prepared for career fairs. And the cycle goes on like lectures – self-study – assignment and job hunt. But the best part is that you can take the courses in which you are really interested in. Also, USC has a very good reputation in all big companies like Google, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon and many more. Most of the companies will have their separate information session and will also participate in career fairs.

Apart, from your course work you can take out time for some university clubs. I am presently active member of 3 clubs and dormant member of 2. USC ACP is a club which is really helpful to prepare yourself for Whiteboard coding and other interview questions. Clubs like International Bridges are a good place to make new international friends and chill out with some fun games and snacks. For Indians, AIS is the club which organizes all kinds of Indian festival from Garba to Diwali to Holi. Also, one of my favorite club is Bhakti club!! It’s a club started with collaboration with ISKON temple. Bhakti Club’s meeting will start with Yoga and Kirtan and best part is  that you will be served with a delicious Indian food for free!

USC has lot of things to offer, from its world class infrastructure to top notch professors, but as a student one has to do smart and hard work to extract maximum from the university.

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