Corporate Finance / 4 years 8 months

Interview Duration 40 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 2 panelists
Final Decision ADMITTED

1) What is the difference between investment banking and asset management?
2) Why do you want to move into a career in investment banking? Why not continue in corporate finance?
3) Which side of investment banking do you want to work on? Buy side or sell side? Why?
4) What is your plan to seek a job with your target companies? Take me through the step by step process.
5) Given that you are a CA, why do you now need an MBA?
6) An auditor is neither a part of the government nor a part of the company that she/she audits. Yet, the government and the company both rely on the auditor, despite auditors having been caught in multiple scams. Why?
7) Is bankruptcy legislation a tool in the hands of inefficient companies to avoid creditors? Why or why not?
8) You have plenty of finance knowledge already. What courses will you take at ISB and why?
9) Why did you not consider an international MBA?
10) Why not consider a Master’s in Finance instead of an MBA?
11) If you cannot get into an investment bank, what is your backup plan?