HEC Montreal MBA Essay

Answering each of the following questions is compulsory. Each answer must be about 750 words long.

HEC Montreal is a business school in Montreal, Canada. It was founded in 1907 and is still well-known as the first established business school in Canada. HEC is one of the few North American institutions to have been awarded international accreditation in the field of management. There is a sense of pride in the multicultural and multilingual environment that exists here. Further, the curriculum is built to give the students an experience that is in agreement with the current global scenario.

It is rated high among the schools in Canada and features a diverse and multi-cultural cohort every year. The average age of the class is around 31 years and they bring in about 7 years of work experience on an average. HEC Montreal MBA Essay portion of the application form attempts to understand whether the student is a right fit for the school.

In the first HEC MOntreal MBA Essay question, you are expected to lay out your strengths and weaknesses. Further, you must describe how you tackle these traits in your everyday life. While the question may seem simple, it is an attempt to understand your readiness for this program.

The second question seeks to understand your goals and the reason for picking this school. This is to understand whether you are a right candidate for the school.

The final question allows you to describe a personal achievement that makes you proud and differentiates you from the rest of the crowd.


HEC Montreal Essay 1. Describe your strengths and weaknesses and explain how you manage these personality traits in your everyday life.

HEC Montreal Essay 2. Why are you interested in obtaining an MBA and why have you chosen the HEC Montréal MBA program?

HEC Montreal Essay 3. Describe a personal achievement that allowed you to distinguish yourself and explain why you are proud of this achievement.

HEC Montreal Application Deadlines

HEC Montreal Application Deadlines

Round 1: (01 Jun), Round 2: (01 Sep), Round 3: * (15 Oct), Round 4: (15 Jan) *Recommended deadline for international students

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