Johnson Cornell MBA admissions team on scholarships and waitlist strategy

Johnson Cornell MBA admissions team on scholarships

Johnson Cornell MBA admissions team – Christine E. Sneva talks about scholarships, waitlist strategy and changes that can be expected in the Johnson Cornell MBA admissions process in the near future.

GyanOne: What are the overall determinants of scholarship awards at Cornell besides high test scores and work performance? Can applicants submit additional materials to improve their consideration for scholarships, given financial constraints?

Christine:  Our scholarship is merit-based so it takes the applicants entire candidacy into consideration and how they compare with our pool of other admitted students.  Once we have moved to admittance, it is difficult to be specific on what else someone may do to improve because it can depend on circumstances beyond their control like the quality of the applicant pool and yield on our offers.

GyanOne:  Cornell has an extremely organized and structured process for waitlisted applicants. While this invites applicants to submit additional recommendations, can committed applicants also use the opportunity to submit further statements of achievements or documentary materials supporting their career goals?

Christine:  Absolutely.  We want to see candidates be active on the waitlist and show they are proactive as well as the ability to self-assess areas of weakness so the admissions committee gets another opportunity to consider their fit with Johnson and Cornell.

GyanOne:  Going forward, in 2014 and beyond, are there any changes that can be expected to the Cornell MBA admissions process?

Christine:  We are just wrapping up the first application season for our MBA program at Cornell Tech in NYC.  This looks nothing like a business school application and process.  Since we have been very successful in reengineering the admissions process here, you should take a look and get a sneak peak at how we will continue to innovate this process for our other residential programs!


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