Ivey MBA Interview Questions

The Ivey MBA Interview Questions / MBA Interview Experience

The Ivey MBA interview is typically 30-45 minutes in duration and is conversational in nature. The interviewer can be either from the Ivey MBA Admission Committee or an Ivey Alumnus working for a top consulting firm. Mentioned below is the list of questions generally asked to applicants from consulting background, during the Richard Ivey interview process.

Ivey MBA interview questions

Richard Ivey MBA Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself

Why MBA?

Why Ivey?

What research have you done about the program?

what are your career goals?

What is your plan B?

What leadership traits do you have?

When did you fail in a project?

What is your biggest achievement?

What is project management?

Questions related to consulting assignments at your firm?

General questions related to your under-graduate institute.

Questions related to your challenges/success

Anything else that you would like to highlight?

Any questions for the interviewer?

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Ivey MBA interviews – don’t ignore them!

Ivey MBA interviews are as much a part of the process as the application and the essays. Do not make the mistake of thinking of them as just a formality. They are an integral part of the overall evaluation and in fact a critical part of it. They involve an in-depth assessment too, and not just a re-coverage of the areas covered in the areas. Work hard on your Ivey interviews to ensure that all your hard work comes to fruition.

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