Georgetown McDonough MBA Questions – GyanOne

Georgetown McDonough MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Georgetown McDonough MBA Interview process lasts about 30 minutes in duration. The interview panel looks for ‘fit factors’, while interacting with the candidates invited for the interviews.  The candidates should aim to show professional focus and a demonstrated interest in attending the Georgetown MBA Program.  The interview process also involves various questions assessing personal qualities / attributes in the candidate, to assess whether the candidate will thrive in the Georgetown community and contribute to it in a meaningful way.

Candidates appearing for the Georgetown McDonough MBA interview process are advised to prepare the same way that they would for a professional interview.  Research well about the program before your interview and take it as an opportunity to learn more about the program and its suitability for you.

Mentioned below is the interview experience of one of GyanOne Georgetown McDonough MBA applicant.


Georgetown McDonough MBA Interview Questions 

The candidate’s interview experience was with the Admissions Committee Member, Angela Patriarca. The interview was conducted on Skype and the Interviewer introduced herself. She had a copy of the candidate’s resume for reference with her.

1. Why MBA.

2. What are the some issues that resonate with you in World Affairs/how do you keep up to date with them

3. Short term/Long Term Goals

4. How have you seen yourself grow professionally in the recent past.

5. Tell me about a time you were able to step down from a Leadership role to a Team role/step up from a team role to a Leadership role

6. Issues faced with Multicultural Teams. What did you do to ensure this didn’t happen again?

7. Any questions for us?

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