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Applying to an MBA program? Here is a service that will help you reach your DREAM B-school!

What is your story? And how are you planning to tell it to the Admissions Committee? The most critical factor in determining your admission to a B-school is the story you create, the application you design, and the face you put forward. Every year, hundreds of B-school applicants with excellent profiles (good GMAT scores, good academics, good overall profiles) find that they fail to make it to the top B-school of their choice. Similarly, a few smart applicants realize that it is possible to scale the wall of achievement even if one’s ‘profile’ is not the best! Your profile is really what you make it. Welcome to AppOne. Welcome to a service that ensures you realize your dreams, no matter where you start from.

GyanOne AppOne(tm)


The AppOne service includes:

  • Help with mba essays editing, resume creation, recommendation strategy, and scholarship application
  • 48 hour maximum turnaround time (can be reduced to just 24 hours through our premium offering!)
  • Help on creating mba essays that are unique – no templates, no standardization. Customization all the way!
  • We even help you manage the small stuff like word limits and scan resolutions – so you can focus on the really important parts
  • Applications reviewed ONLY by Premium B-school grads (ISB/MIT/INSEAD/LBS/NUS). Quality guaranteed!
Our experience spans more than 1000 successful applications for various top B-schools around the world. We are very familiar with the traps and falls that a typical applicant encounters in his/her B-school journey.

Examples of some questions we have tackled (actual questions from successful applicants before they applied):

  • “I don’t have any awards in extra-curricular activities. How do I showcase my extra-curricular skills?”
  • “I have two years of work experience while the B-school average is five. How do I make sure that my experience is seen in a positive light?”
  • “My grades in college weren’t stellar. How do I mention this fact in the application without making it look bad?”
  • “I am a techie and all I have done in my career so far is code/manage IT projects. How do I create an application that will highlight my own meagre business skills against a large pool of applicants including consultants/i-bankers/sales professionals?”
  • “I have never led teams in my organization. How do I showcase leadership?”
  • “I took a year off work because of X reason. How do I explain this on my application?”
  • “How do I show the experience gained through working for my own family business in my application?”
  • “I have no real extra-curricular achievements to show. Will it help if I join the neighbourhood social activity club/NGO?”
  • “Will it help to visit the school once before applying? When should I go?”

All these questions (and others not listed here) are valid. All of them also have a solution. Trust us to find you a solution that is unique and workable, and that works! Our proprietary application support methodologies, AppOne™ and AppOne™ Premium, help you manage the application process in the best possible way. The AppOne™ process is unique in the following aspects: appone-features


Q. How exactly does GyanOne help me with my essays / recommendations?  The GyanOne MBA Essay Editing , AppOne™, offers the following benefits:

  • MBA Essay Editing guidance: We help you draft and write your essays in a manner that conveys all your strengths in the best way possible. Often, the difference between a great essay and a poor one lies in which thoughts you choose to express, and how you choose to structure them. Our review ensures that your essays are brief, yet expressive; professional, yet interesting.

We leave no stone unturned when we review your essays. Our service is thorough, organized, and best-in-class. Our reviewers, besides being top B-school graduates (all of them!), are also highly experienced in evaluating B-school applications. We also have a high success rate in getting our candidates the coveted interview call from top-notch institutions around the world.

  • Recommendation advice: Another critical aspect of B-school applications is recommendations. Every B-school requires your professional superiors/clients/former bosses to write a recommendation for your application. This recommendation talks about your performance in your professional capacity and your suitability for a top-notch MBA. It sometimes also talks about your career prospects post your MBA. The recommendation serves to validate your application against the opinion of your managers at work. A serious mismatch between the capabilities you express in your application and those endorsed (or not) in your recommendation, can mean the difference between success and failure.

Your recommendation must be written and endorsed by your recommender. However, we do realize that the entire process – from deciding on who to ask for a recommendation, to having the person write your recommendation and send it to the B-school, is difficult. We work with you in making this process smooth – from helping you to identify who to ask, to helping you structure your thoughts in asking the person for a recommendation. The conversation requesting someone for a recommendation can often be awkward. We help you to prepare for that conversation so you can request the recommendation in the most effective manner possible. Thereafter, we encourage you to leave the rest of the process to your recommender(s)

Q. Why are essays important? How do they influence the admission decision? The single most important factor (after academic considerations) that contributes to application success at B-school is the impression created by the essays you write. As a mandatory part of their admission process, all B-schools require you to write two to three essays on pre-defined topics given by them. Essays are therefore very important for the following reasons:

  • They help schools evaluate your thinking and views through the opinions you express
  • They help schools to view your application through your eyes – how you view yourself, what your goals are, how an MBA helps you achieve your goals, and how you can be an asset to the school as an alumnus
  • They help YOU to refine your thinking – the essays force you to take a closer look at yourself, your application, and your reasons for applying to the particular school
  • They can help clarify matters left unsaid or incomplete in the rest of the application – some candidates smartly use the essays to convey extraordinary achievements, extra-curricular skills, or family hardships that the rest of the application does not capture. This can often help the Admissions Committee form a more favorable view of your application