The ISB MFAB BAT Preparation

The ISB MFAB BAT is an admissions test now increasingly being used as the standardized test for admission to a number of prestigious MBA programs worldwide. The INSEAD Executive MBA and the ISB Management Program for Family Business (MFAB) are two prominent programs that are already using it. For applicants looking at success in these programs, therefore, understanding the BAT and developing the capability to excel on it therefore become highly important. This is why GyanOne is now offering BATPrep™, a premier BAT preparation and training program that helps BAT takers to ace the test with confidence on their own schedule.

Introducing premium ISB MFAB BAT preparation for the first time across the world

BATPrep™, GyanOne’s BAT Preparation and coaching program, is the only preparatory course of its kind, and the first one across the world focused on BAT preparation and coaching. Our teachers and our course materials are geared to help you learn the specific concepts required to excel on the BAT. We will help you understand the concepts that apply specifically to the BAT, and give you practice questions that are representative of the type you will see on the BAT, not the GMAT.

What does BATPrep™ offer?

The premier BAT preparation and coaching program is meant to be more than a regular classroom instruction program for the BAT. The BATPrep™ program focuses deeply on improving conceptual understanding and time management skills in addition to giving students plenty of practice on BAT-like questions.


BATPrep™, the BAT preparation program includes the following components, which go beyond the scope of merely teaching concepts:

  • Student progress tracking at an individual level, to ensure that the particular learning needs of each student are being tracked and met
  • Option to take the classroom or online program, enhancing flexibility to meet your schedule and make sure that being busy is not a constraint in preparing for the BAT
  • Option to take up only specific modules (e.g. Data Analysis only, or Critical Thinking only) rather than the entire course to make sure that you focus on the elements most important to you, without having to enroll for the entire program

Experienced teachers

Well trained teachers having the experience of more than 400 hours of GMAT teaching, and now also about 50 hours each of BAT teaching / training. All of our teachers are top B-school graduates (from global top-20 schools), which ensures high quality across all our pedagogy efforts.

Comprehensive course material

Our comprehensive BAT-specific material, which covers all the sections of the BAT (Communication Analysis, Critical Thinking, Data Analysis, Data Interpretation, and Case Analysis) helps students to build concepts and then master them. The course includes exhaustive study material with plenty of illustrative examples and practice questions.

Graded teaching methodology

Our teaching methodology is unique – we tap into our vast experience to give our students tips, tricks, and strategies that help them obtain outstanding success on the BAT. The level of conceptual difficulty is increased gradually, so that students are comfortable at every stage

Personalized attention

Program levels are designed keeping in mind the development levels of students. No batch has more than five students to enable personalized attention to each and every student

Plenty of practice

The program offers five completed BAT-like tests, along with regular doubt sessions with our experts

Each BATPrep™, BAT preparation course is taught with highly detailed planning and focus on the specifics. The course begins with a graded approach – basics are covered first, and the level of difficulty is gradually increased. Teaching is offered in both an online and a classroom program.  Email support is available all seven days of the week for students who would like to ask specific questions outside a classroom environment.

Measurement is a constant part of BATPrep™. Our teachers track the progress of each student on these, and provide feedback on specific strengths and weaknesses. Experience BATPrep™. Experience BAT teaching at its best.

Where can classes be taken?

We offer live classes in all the major cities of India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. For people outside these cities, we offer a personalized online program. We offer classes in small batches (of up to five students).


Q. Is the BAT similar to the GMAT?

Yes and no. In some aspects, the questions on the BAT will seem similar in style and manner to GMAT questions. For example, Critical Thinking questions on the BAT are roughly analogous to the Critical Reasoning questions on the GMAT. Most questions on the Data Analysis section of the test will also be similar to Problem Solving questions from the Quantitative section of the GMAT. However, there are differences as well. For example, the BAT includes a specific category of Critical Thinking questions to test solvability based on logic. These types of questions are not present on the GMAT. Similarly, bold-face type Critical Reasoning questions from the GMAT are not tested on the BAT.

Additionally, topics deemed to be less relevant to a later career in business, such as geometry, sentence correction, and analytical writing, are not included on the BAT but are a part of the GMAT.

Q. How is scoring done ?

The BAT test is scored on an indicative rather than a comparative scale. This means that business schools will use test performance to judge your potential for success on their program as an independent ability, and not necessarily in comparison to others (as might be the case with the GMAT). Test scores are not released to applicants but retained internally by business schools.

Q. What is the duration of the test and its structure? 

The test is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and includes five different sections, which test the quantitative, logical, verbal, data interpretive, and business analytical skills of applicants. The sections are as follows:

BAT Module
Number of questions
Time taken to complete
Communication AnalysisReading a set of passages to answer questions based on them 15 questions 30 minutes
Critical ThinkingAnswering objective questions based on logic derived from short (4-5 line) arguments15 questions 30 minutes
Data AnalysisAnswering direct objective questions based on topics relevant to business mathematics 15 questions 30 minutes
Data interpretationInterpreting charts and graphs for business-specific applications15 questions 30 minutes
Case analysisAnalyzing a business case from multiple perspectives and presenting your analysis1 case study45 minutes (30 minutes preparation + 15 minutes presentation)