IIMC PGPEX essays, deadlines, and class profile

The IIMC PGPEX essays and statement of purpose constitute the most important part of the IIM Calcutta (IIMC) Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPEX) admissions process. This one year MBA equivalent program for executives offered by IIM Calcutta is very popular, and offers excellent education as well as placements. This page provides a brief overview and some tips and advice for the IIMC essays, while also listing down the latest deadlines and class profile. 

IIMC PGPEX Essays – current topics 

IIMC PGPEX Statement of Purpose: Why do you want to join the programme and what benefit do you foresee on completion of the course? ( 300 – 500 words) 

PGPEX Essay 1: Give detailed descriptions of three activities you performed in your workplace in the last five years which will help us assess your abilities and strengths. Use extra sheets if necessary. ( 300 – 500 words)

IIMC PGPEX Essay 2: Narrate an important/unusual incident of your life when you had to face a very demanding/challenging situation. How did you overcome the situation? What lessons did you learn from this incident? ( 300 – 500 words)

IIMC PGPEX Essay 3: (Optional) Anything else you would like to highlight in support of your application? ( 300 – 500 words)

IIMC PGPEX Essay 4: (Only for re-applicants) What are the changes in your profile vis-à-vis previous year’s? ( 300 – 500 words) 


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IIM Calcutta PGPEX essay tips and advice 

IIMC PGPEX Statement of Purpose (SOP): The IIMC PGPEX SOP is meant to be a statement of the larger vision and goals that the applicant hopes to achieve through the PGPEX program. You should focus on their professional experience, why they seek an MBA, and how IIMC can help. Future career goals are also important, together with explaining how you hope to achieve them. Keep in mind that this is the ‘core’ answer that IIMC is looking at, and it forms the core of your candidature, so this is the single most important essay as part of the application at IIMC. 


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IIMC PGPEX Essay 1: While the essay question mentions only ‘three activities’, they are looking not just for any activities but truly impactful examples that illustrate your key strengths. For this reason, mentioning things that merely meet the bar is not going to be enough. For example, if you are an IT professional, saying that you have worked on three different projects and describing coding and project management work around that is going to far from sufficient. Instead, speak about impactful incidents where your analytical and leadership skills have truly come to the fore. Choose different examples that showcase different abilities, rather than talking about the same strengths thrice. Also, remember a critical piece of advice that some candidates tend to forget – these are supposed to be activities YOU have performed, or taken a lead role in. Describing a part contribution in a major initiative, if that contribution is not clearly seen to have achieved results on its own, is not going to be enough. 

IIMC PGPEX Essay 2: The key aspects to keep in mind for this one are background and context. Why do you consider the situation challenging? How did you meet the challenge? While the essay asks for detail on how you overcame the situation, many successful candidates in the past have done very well by describing a situation that they could not ultimately overcome, but beautifully describing what they learnt from it. 

IIMC PGPEX Essay 3: This is an optional essay, so do not feel the compulsion to use it, but do not also leave this blank if some aspects of your candidacy remain unaddressed. Career gaps, poor academic performance, unusual work appraisals, and frequent job changes all fall into this category, but are of course not an exhaustive listing of things you could mention.

IIMG PGPEX Essay 4: This one is for reapplicants only. While addressing this, remember to list out salient changes, not just any changes in your profile since your last application. If you are applying after an year, there are some things that are obvious and expected, and mentioning them is not going to get you any credit. More experience, somewhat more work responsibilities, are things that do not get you huge credit. Look for what truly matters and has changed since your last application.


IIMC PGPEX application deadlines 2017-18

The admission schedule and deadlines for PGPEX applications due in 2017 is as follows:

30th June , 2017 onwardsApplication open
1st July – 22nd October, 2017Submission of duly completed application form
First Week of November, 2017Announcement of short-listed candidates
Second Week on November, 2017Interview of short listed candidates
Last week of November, 2017Announcement of selected candidates
Second half of December 2017Payment of 1st installment fees
24th April, 2018Reporting date on Campus for Participants
25th and 26th April, 2018Registration for students (Class of 2017)
27th April, 2018Commencement of the programme for the Class of 2019

IIM Calcutta PGPEX Class Profile

For the PGPEX class graduating in 2018, the class profile is as follows:

Total number of students graduating68
Average GMAT score for IIMC PGPEX701
Average work experience for IIMC PGPEX8 years (96 months)

IIMC PGPEX fees and costs

The program cost for 2017-18 (Class of 2019) will be INR 22,00,000. This includes tuition fees, cost of study material, accommodation and cost of study tours organised by IIMC.

Another very interesting part of the program is that Airfare, visa and medical insurance charges for overseas study tours will be borne by IIMC itself. However, students will have to bear the expenses for food, personal travel, electricity, cable TV, other utility and misc., expenses and any other expenses of personal nature during their stay in the campus or abroad. This is an outstanding option given by IIMC to its students. For most other MBA programs, schools do not cover the cost of studying abroad, and depend on students to pay extra for it. For those looking for global exposure during their stay at IIMC, this is an excellent opportunity to get it along with outstanding education at IIM Calcutta.

IIMC PGPEX Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for applying to the program is five years of full-time post-qualification experience, a GMAT score, and a bachelor’s degree (even a 3-year degree is acceptable). It is important to note that IIMC PGPEX measures work experience as on 31st March of the year that the class joins. Therefore, for the class joining in 2018, all those who would have 5 years of experience by March 31, 2018, would be eligible.

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