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GyanOne Reviews

Got through Kellogg School of Management, Co2016! I know the feeling of finally making it to my dream school, THE KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, is going to take some time to settle in, I wanted to put a word of thanks to the GyanOne team and recommended their services to all candidates aiming for top bschools in US. Kellogg is my dream bschool and am really excited to crack it, all thanks to the GyanOne team! Unlimited brainstorming sessions at wee hours of the day, unconditional support on all aspects of the admission process (MBA applications as well as MBA interviews), detailed insights into the admission processes of top schools, is what their MBA admissions consulting services offers you. They helped me shape up my thoughts, views and goals, to help me bring clarity, quality to my essays and add impact to my applications. In my journey while working the GyanOne consultants, throughout the bschool selection process, creating top notch applications and preparing hard for the interviews, I made some friends for life and am glad to be a part of their network
Harsh Garg
Kellogg School of Management Co2016 / Yale School of Business, Darden and McCombs 2014 Admit
Excited to share the good news that I received admit from Goizueta with scholarship. Rishabh has been a constant support for me throughtout the application process right from school selection and brainstorming on clearly defining my career goals and hence putting the best application forward. Swati's interview tips were very valuable and increased my confidence. Thanks Gyanone team. I am grateful for your help.
Vaibhav Gupta
Emory Goizueta MBA Admit (Fall 2016 start)
I have been admitted to ESSEC (20,000 euro scholarship) and HEC. Thanks for all your help; without you, this was impossible!
Vishal Sanduja
HEC Master in Management; ESSEC MSc in Management (2016 intakes)
Yale Silver Scholars selects just 10 students from around the world. It feels awesome to be a part of this esteemed management program. I want to thank the GyanOne consultants who worked very hard with me to make his happen. They provided me with thorough preparation on interviews and case studies, along with numerous brainstorming sessions to create a very strong application to Yale. More than consultants, they were like friends whom I can reach out for any kind of advice and support. Before I enrolled with GyanOne, I had signed up with one other consultant, with whom I had a terrible experience in terms of timelines and quality. I am so glad I made the right decision then to go with GyanOne, who made my dream a reality. It’s not easy to be a part of the world best management program and I am really grateful to GyanOne for their help, guidance1 and support. They are truly experts and know the admission process in and out. The personalized attention that I got from them is praiseworthy and is something which is sure to bring success to those who are planning to take a big leap so early in their career. Thank you again GyanOne. Yale here I come!!!
Ashok Pancily Poothiyot
Yale School of Management, Silver Scholars
Excellent Service, Expert guidance and, Exemplary knowledge is what you should expect from GyanOne, if you are applying to the best MBA in the world. Honest feedback and detailed brainstorming sessions help you structure your thoughts, bring together your views and understand what works when you are competing with the best in the world. As I go to live my dream over the coming years in my life, I would like to thank my consultant, who is a pro and can make you really believe in yourself!
Stanford Business School Admit 2014 / Johnson Cornell Admit 2014
I am proud to have associated with GyanOne for their MBA Application Review service. I have made relationships for life with this group having really sincere and hard working chaps. Their service is truly comprehensive and they are true to every word of their commitment and dedication. Cracking Chicago Booth and then Columbia, two of the 10 best MBA in US could not have been possible without them. I was very happy with all my essays and was confident of the interview calls while submitting my applications. Thanks again to you guys!
Shonali C
Chicago Booth School of Business Admit 2014 / Columbia Business School Admit 2014
Hi guys.. Just wanted to share the good news. Made it to ISB (Hyd). Thanks a lot for all the help and guidance. Enjoyed working with you. :D
Rohit Maskara
Indian School of Business (ISB) Class of 2016
I have good news. Yesterday I received an offer from IMD! Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I don't think I could have done it without your hep.
Sophie Shilimindri
IMD Co2015 admit
I have taken GyanOne’s help for my applications and interview preparation for UNC Kenan Flagler and I am glad to recommend them for their brilliant services. I have an admit for the fall 2014 intake, and want to thank the GyanOne team for their expertise and support throughout the admissions process. Their experienced consultants, from top b-schools, understand the admission process well and provide their clients personalized help into all aspects of the application and interview process. Their comprehensive help with essays, supporting documentation and mock interviews made me comfortable and confident about submitting a strong application. I truly appreciate their experience and expertise and would be glad to answer anyone’s queries on their services.
Aditi Khare
UNC Kenan Flagler, Fall 2014 admit
Made it to IIMB with scholarship and Duke Business Sschool. Thank you for all the help, guidance and mentoring.
Avinash Deori
Duke Business School / IIMB with Scholarship
I wanted to tell you I got accepted at Cornell!! I have also been put on waitlist for the scholarship. Thanks a ton for your help bro, this could not have been possible without you at all!!
Rohan Sangari
Johnson Cornell MBA / Johnson Cornell MBA with scholarship
I received an admit from the Kellogg School of management's Russel Fellows (MSMS) program and Gyan One's contribution towards that was immense. I highly recommend Gyan one to anybody looking for a good management degree, not just a MBA
Vishesh Jain
Kellogg School of Management / MSMS program
Thrilled to get an admit to the HEC Paris MiM! This wouldn't be possible without Gyanone's help in highlighting aspects of my profile in a way that totally fit HEC's selection criteria!
Ria Jain
HEC Paris / Masters in Management
Great experience working with Gyanone services. Received an admit from HEC Paris for their full time MBA program. Gyanone was immensely efficient, right from the shortlist of the school to the application process. They posses valuable insight about the school and know the perfect way to pitch your application for the school. Its also a great introspective journey when you work with them. At every stage, with the help of elaborate conversations, you're more clearer about your goals and aspirations than before.
Nikhil Jones
HEC Paris / MBA
Thanks to GyanOne team, I got admit to ISB. Gyanone team was highly professional, they guided me in both writing essays and preparing for interview. They helped me highlight best part of my application, even with sub 700 GMAT score, I felt confident about my profile. I feel satisfied and lucky that I made the right decision of choosing GyanOne at the most critical junction.
Ankit Nanda
ISB Hyderabad / PGP
Gyanone helped me convert both the b schools I applied to. I had a low gmat score of 680 and relatively low work ex of 30 months, but gyanone helped me shape the essays in a way to showcase my strengths . They were very honest with feedback on the essays and went through multiple iterations with me. They were instrumental in my success in getting into ISB and Mccombs and I would definitely recommend them to anyone applying to business school .
Divya Mahankali
McCombs Business School / ISB Hyderabad
My association with GyanOne started with a profile evaluation post GMAT. I have got great advice from GyanOne right from my first interaction regarding schools and their intakes. I was glad to have decided to extend this association for the entire MBA application process. Right from consultation regarding schools, shaping my goals and essays to interview prep, I got end to end guidance from Rishabh and Swati. I am really thankful to GyanOne for helping out with my application process which seemed such a daunting task in their absence.
Tania Bhattacharya
Kellogg School of Management / NUS Singapore
Made it to NYU Stern Langone program. Can't thank you enough! Kudos!
Sudhir Patamsetti
NYU Stern / Langone Program
I had succeeded in getting admission call from one of the premier institutions in the world with your help. I would again thank you, Swati and the whole GyanOne team for all the help that was provided. I have already recommended your consultancy to all my friends who had mentioned GMAT in front of me so I believe you should get some calls from them. :)
Rahul Kumar
Converted both Nanyang and CEIBS. Thanks for providing all the guidance and support in making the correct decision. This certainly was not possible without your help. Many thanks once again.
Arpit Bhatanagar
Nanyang Singapore / CEIBS China
I got through UNC kenan flagler and Kelley with 50% scholarship. Thrilled! Thank you so much for the great help you have been providing me throughout the application.
Aditi Paliwal
UNC Kenan Flagler / Indiana Kelley with 50% scholarship
Made it to UCLA Anderson. All thanks to you. You have been a great motivator. Awaiting scholarship results!
Hrishikesh Mahajan
UCLA Anderson
Got through Ivey with a 20000 scholarship ad HEC Paris. Tough Choice! Really cant thank you enough for everything. It has all been possible because of GYANONE.
Manveer Saluja
Richard Ivey with $20000 Scholarship / HEC Paris
Both ISB and IIMC Admits. I am so excited and struggling to make a choice. This is all because of the right guidance and hard work done by GyanOne. I had heard strong positive reviews about them before enrolling and understood the reason behind them when I started working with them. They are very thorough with the admission process of top bshools and helped me craft out my admission procedure with a lot of careful assessment. I really want to thank them and would want to advice all applying to top MBA, to take their services. Thank you!
Sanjukta Sen
McCombs: “Wanted to share the first piece of good information to you. I got an admit from McCombs yesterday night :) Thanks a lot for your support and without you, it would not have been possible to achieve it.” Tepper: “I got an admit from Tepper yesterday night!!. Without that super advice, it would not have been possible to achieve it. Thank You!!!” Tuck: “Got into Tuck!!! I am speechless :) Thanks a lot again!!!!”
Rajeevaksha DV
Tuck School of Business, Tepper, McCombs, 2014 admit
Thanks for your support and efforts, I have finally recieved an admit form MIT for their SCM program, with a 50% scholarship. Thanks once again for all the help. Really appreciate it.
Abhay Khare
MIT, Masters in Supply Chain Management, Class of 2015
Thanks for all your help guys! Your knowledge of top schools and of how to prepare winning applications is awesome! Couldn't have done it without you.
Admitted to Wharton and MIT LGO
Hi, I had taken services from GyanOne for my Stanford MSX and MIT SCM applications and, it was a wonderful experience working with them. I have got an admit from both the programs and highly recommend them to all applicants applying to top bschool in the US. Thank you!
Swetha GB
Stanford MSx and MIT SCM Admit
Hi, I am Dhruva. While I was researching on bschools, I came across GyanOne and since that day I started working them. I took their services for my Kelley Application and am happy to inform that I have got an admit with scholarship and graduate assistantship. All thanks to GyanOne, especially Rishabh for extensive help on my essays. I would highly recommend them, they are very approachable and provided answers to each and every question I had with very prompt email replies. Once again thank you GyanOne and Rishabh for all your help!
Dhruva Bharadawaj
Kelley School of Business with Scholarship
I had applied for IMD 2016 admission, and today received an official admission confirmation from the adcom. I took GyanOne services for their extensive IMD interview and case study preparation. Their service was highly professional and focussed. I would definitely recommend them to all future aspirants.
Rakesh Renganathan
IMD Switzerland
Hi, This is Rajan Seth. I took GyanOne's services for applying to top bschools in the US and have recently received an admit from Kenan Flagler business school with 100% tuition waiver. I found GyanOne's services to be excellent, professional and highly expert driven. Would certainly recommend them to all applicants applying to top bschools around the world.
Rajan Seth
Kenan Flagler Business School with 100% scholarship
Hi, I am an operations professional from marine background. I worked with GyanOne to apply to various bschools abroad as well as in India. I am delighted to have received admits from ISB Hyderabad and from MISI SCM program with scholarship. I really enjoyed working with GyanOne and felt they are truly experts. I recommend them to all applicants preparing their applicants to top MBA programs.
Nitin Trivedi
ISB Hyderabad and MISI SCM
I am a Merchant Navy officer and had enrolled with GyanOne for applying to INSEAD. I saw that they had deep expertise, were always willing to help in whatever way possible, and helped me create an excellent final product that resonated well with INSEAD. After receiving the interview call from INSEAD, I also took GyanOne’s help in preparing for the interview. Again, their excellent advice and great feedback helped me to prepare well for the final interview, which I was very comfortable with after three mock interviews with GyanOne that closely simulated the real interview. I received the INSEAD admit earlier this week. Kudos GyanOne!
Ramaswami Balaji
INSEAD, HKUST admit 2014
I have received an admit for the Masters in MS in Computer Science at University of Chicago and Texas Dallas for the fall 2014 admissions. While looking for admission consultants who specialize in Masters applications and SoPs, a friend (who got into a top US program) suggested me GyanOne admission consultants. Over the next two months, the GyanOne consultant, with his deep knowledge of the IT and analytics industry, helped me understand the Masters admission process and, the right elements that have to be highlighted in my SoPs and application to these top Masters programs in US. It is their experience, exposure of interacting with various top schools and good network of successful clients, that made by experience working with them truly rewarding. I would suggest everyone looking to apply for top Masters programs, to go with them, to create best quality, well-structured and impactful SoPs!
Abinash Dash
University of Chicago and Texas Dallas, MS in Computer Science
Hi, I am Teja, and I am delighted to recommend GyanOne today for the excellent services they provided me for application preparation and mock interviews. I am an IT analytics professional with a very different profile spanning technology, analytics, and healthcare. I needed a consultant who could first understand my profile well and then help me to highlight the right elements to appeal to top B-school admissions committees. Not only did GyanOne help me create great applications for success at ISB and Rotman, but also provided me invaluable coaching to help excel at admissions interviews. I have received an admit from ISB and am awaiting the final result from Rotman. I highly recommend GyanOne for their outstanding application help and mock interview services.
Teja Kanuparthy
ISB Admit 2014
I have great news. Got through Medill! This was not just impossible but unimaginable without you. Thank you for all your help across everything!
Ananya Gupta
Northwestern Medill IMC admit
I took GyanOne’s help for my ISB application and found their service to be really good. I contacted them just about 10 days before the submission deadline, and I felt that their inputs and help in structuring my stories and my essays was really excellent. They helped me to showcase my strengths well, clearly demonstrate my potential, and improve my overall application significantly. I am impressed with the knowledge base, experience and the expertise that they hold into the ISB admission process. I was able to submit comfortably in time, received an interview call from ISB, and received the final offer. A thumbs up to GyanOne and their ISB application service!
Sudeep Reddy
ISB admit, Co2015
Hi Swati and the entire team of GyanOne, I hope you are doing great. I apologize for not getting back to you earlier, I was on a 20 day trek in the Himalayas so couldn’t communicate due to lack of internet connectivity. But I DID get into ISB :-D , got my offer letter on the 15th. (YAY! :-) ) My family and I are extremely happy and excited. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, It would not have been possible without you guys :-) Thank you and Best wishes ! - From a very happy client :-)
Lipika Rao
ISB Co2015 admit
I would like to put in a positive review of GyanOne Admissions Consultants who helped me in creating a strong application for Schulich, where I have gained admission with a $10,000 scholarship. GyanOne consultants worked hard with me in helping me test my ideas, explore the program, and decide on how I could best leverage my strengths. I feel that I owe this GyanOne review to them. I come from non-profit background, so understanding what I do is not easy as my profile is not the typical Indian professional’s profile. I found GyanOne to be very helpful in terms of being able to understand my profile and the work that I do. They were also able to help me establish a very good fit with my target school, bringing in their expertise of what the school offers. GyanOne’s review of my ideas and goals was also spot on. They helped me to refine my thinking and select the right points from my profile to highlight. In the non-profit sector, one is usually involved across a variety of roles, and choosing the right ones to highlight can be difficult. Also, I believe that a non-profit profile has its strengths but still needs to be very clear in terms of why the person is seeking an MBA. GyanOne’s reviews helped me to put across my goals in a way that helped me to achieve that. Overall, I highly recommend GyanOne to all applicants looking for highly professional and high quality admissions consulting. Thanks guys!
Vinayak Nagarajan
Schulich Business School Co2014
“I could not have imagined that I would ultimately make it to schools that I considered to be beyond me at first. I sincerely thank you for your guidance and support throughout the application process, which was truly very worthwhile in building up my candidature.”
Anubhuti Agarwal
Master in Management, LBS, HEC, IE (Co2015)
I could not believe the news the first time I read it. Thanks to you guys. I am highly impressed by the you completely revamped my application in just 10 days before the ISB R1 deadline. Glad I made the right decision at the last moment. Thank you for the efforts you guys put in in understanding my profile and aspirations (being an entrepreneur) through brainstorming sessions, and for your expertise that was clearly visible from the final output attained. I have recommended your services to (now successful ) ISB candidates before (in R2) and shall do it in future as well. Wish you guys all the best!
Bhargav Lingamaneni
ISB Co2015
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Gyanone team for helping me secure my admit at the Richard Ivey School of Business. The professional manner in which they conducted their services and the feedbacks provided during the mock interviews were very much valued. Being a working professional, they helped me channelize my core strengths and correspondingly bridged the gap between the b-school I was applying to. I would recommend their services to aspiring b-school applicants without a second thought.
Justin Mattam
Ivey Business School
Gyanone's services are highly professional. The application prepared by the guidance of GyanOne showcased the best of my abilities in a very convincing manner to the adcoms. Gyanone's extensive knowledge of B-schools all over the world helped me to focus and narrow down on my school list and a very similar enviroment was simulated during the mock Interview. This helped me do well during my actual interview. I would recommend this service to passionate MBA aspirants. Good service. Quality was delivered within the short-time frame we had for the application
Sagar Kolli
Ivey Business School, Class of 2015
I would first like to thank you for helping me in preparing excellent essays and also guiding me in choosing schools for my profile in the last minute. I understand that we had to run through to meet the deadlines, but finally you could make my application look good. I am very happy that I got into a good school Rutgers that has its own brand in US. I am also happy to be waitlisted in GWU.Thank you very much for helping me out and making me cross the toughest barrier to pursue my career. Hope I would have contacted you in the beginning. Thanks once again :)
Suresh Puthy
Rutgers Business School, Class of 2015
Guidance provided in preparing the essays and verifying the application is magnificient. I was impressed with the way the team follow the planned schedule. Without you guys, I would not have been able to submit the application in round 1. I must say the feedback provided after the interview was fantastic. That has helped me a lot.
Sumanth Muvvala
ISB, Class of 2014
I used GyanOne AppOne services for brainstorming on my application, polishing my resume, and getting a second professional look on my essays. I took a package for 4 international B-schools, and have already received an interview invite from Ivey Business School in Canada. GyanOne team is a very competetive group of people, eager to help the candidates.Though a good interview performance is required to secure a final admit, but working with GyanOne has been an amazing experience so far. My consultant was very adjustable with respect to timelines, integrated my views well into the application and the essays, and we could present a good overall story. The response time of the consultant has been amazing. Though there are always a few glitches, but overall I felt like my consultant was working real time with me. I have also availed the IntOneservice, and expect to get an admit at a top B-school at the earliest.
Ivey Business School (interview call)
As a proud ISB R1 2013 admit, I really want to thank GyanOne for its amazing interview preparation service. It was great to work with them. They helped me prepare for the ISB interview, on a very short notice. The questions asked in mock sessions are tailored to our profile and help you get a close to real experience of the actual interview. The feedback helped me shape up not only the content, but also provided me with pointers on voice modulation and various aspects of body language. I think this formal preparation did help me be more confident about myself and gain clarity on a lot of aspects of my profile. I would recommend GyanOne to all potential ISB aspirants
Pooja Kumari
ISB admit, Co2015
I would like to provide feedback about GyanOne admission consultants. I had taken GyanOne’s service for preparing my applications to Schulich and Sauder business schools in Canada. What I liked about them is the personalized attention they provide, with several rounds of review on each and every aspect of the MBA application. They make sure that the application is in the best possible shape, even when you are not able to spare time on your essays with work commitments, by providing you with timely help, reminders and revisions. Although I have still not decided on which school would I be selecting finally, I really want to thank them for making this possible. Would not have been possible without their knowledge of the admission and interview process, detailed feedbacks, expertise, professionalism and commitment. Thanks a lot guys!
Rajat Mehta
Schulich Business School, Sauder Business School admit (2014)
I am a professional in product development domain of the automotive industry. CEIBS China, one of the top programs in Asia, was my top choice for pursuing an MBA. I got in touch with GyanOne, and was impressed with their insights and knowledge about Asian bschools. GyanOne helped me in preparing a strong application for CEIBS. The essays, resume and other aspects of the application were taken care of and guidance was provided on a proactive basis throughout my association with them. After getting an interview call, I also took their services for the interview preparation, and was very happy with their detailed feedbacks and close to real mock sessions. They really know what top schools expect out of Indian candidates and help you focus on the right aspects. I would highly recommend their services to all those who are preparing their applications for CEIBS and other top Asian bschools.
Jagga Raju
CEIBS China Co2016
I want to thank GyanOne admission consultants for helping me prepare for the XLRI interview process. I received a admit into the XLRI class of 2017. GyanOne provided a very close to real experience with their mock interview sessions and comprehensive feedback, which included tailoring parts of your responses to important interview questions. This helped me gain clarity on my thought process and tackle the XLRI interview process confidently. It was then when I realized the importance of taking help from a professional for MBA interview preparation, especially as I was out of touch with this procedure with so many years of work experience. Their comprehensive interview preparation for XLRI also provided me with a lot of information about the program and activities at XLRI. Thank you GyanOne! From A happy XLRI admit
Biplab Gorai
XLRI Co2015 admit
Received an admit from ISB for the certificate program in data analytics. Want to put in a word of thanks for the comprehensive interview preparation provided by Swati at GyanOne. Your interview preparation is not only tailored for each program and profile, but also comprehensive in terms of the feedback, being exhaustive from all parameters. It was great interacting with you, and the experience did help me, gain some important perspectives for life. Thanks again!
Anuj Agarwal
ISB Co2015 / ISB Biocon Certificate Programme in Business Analytics
IntOne: The mock interviews conducted by Gyanone were very close to the real one I faced! The consulting helped me prepare better and keep my nerves cool! The consultant also tailor made the questions as per the school based on their previous experience of working with them. I would recommend Gyanone's services to applicants looking at acing their interviews!
Sauder School of Business, Class of 2016
AppOne: I believed that my communication skills would afford me the confidence to handle my MBA applications well. But in the course of preparing them, I felt that something was amiss. I needed that professional guidance to optimize every line within word limits. Gyanone's expert understanding of the game helped me achieve that. They were super flexible and worked round the clock to meet deadlines. I truly appreciate my consultants inputs and wish Gyanone even more success in the future!
Sauder School of Business, Class of 2016
I sincerely appreciate the quality of time and energy that you guys put into your students. They are flexible with the schedule. The feedback provided is great. I benefited immensely from their coaching. They inspire you and instill confidence in you. I have secured admission into one of the best B schools which is known for its rigorous and intense assessment day. I would strongly recommend GyanOne to anyone aiming for Harvard, Insead, IMD, LBS.
Top 3 European business school
It is with great pleasure to write this testimonial for GYANONE. After searching for lots of admission consultants, I stumbled upon GYANONE admission consultancy. The GyanOne consultants have really helped to really create awesome application for my masters program. Even when I was in the verge of my deadline for my application in Australian business schools, the consultants worked hard to help me create my Sop for three top ranked schools(Monash university, university of Sydney and Australian school of business) which helped me to get interview calls from all the three colleges that I had applied. Till now , i have already got an offer from MONASH UNIVERSITY with 60 percent scholarship. From my experience, I have no hesitation in claiming that when it comes to persuing GMAT and subsequent B-school admission process, GYANONE is the way to go. And btw, it is competitively priced too!! All you applicants out there, feel free to reach out to me for any questions.
Aninda Mukhopadhyay
Monash University, Australia, Co2016
Cracked HEC Paris! Delighted to provide insights into my admissions journey. I am a banking professional with close to 6 years of work experience, some of which was in the IT industry (yes, I was lucky to make a smooth career shift!). Working for a PSU for long, I wanted to get exposure into the international banking industry and broaden my scope of domain knowledge. I worked with GyanOne right from my GMAT preparation to preparing my application and finally cracking the interview. The faculty members and consultants at GyanOne are really focussed and provide you with that individual attention you seek. So you are not just one among others. They counsel you at every step and make sure you are considering all parameters before taking that important step in your career. I truly believe I could not have done it without them and would recommend them to all applicants aiming for top MBA and looking out for dedicated admission consultants.
Nisha Vaidyanathan
HEC Paris / HEC Paris Admit 2014
I am a Dental Surgeon, with about 6 years of work experience working across top hospitals in Delhi. I worked with GyanOne for my applications to Healthcare management programs across top business schools in India. I really want to thank my consultant at GyanOne, who helped me prepare fantastic applications and crack the interview at IIMC, with his extensive knowledge in the healthcare sector. I truly appreciate his expertise in the healthcare domain, and his experience working with doctors across various fields. Have recommended and would recommend GyanOne’s consultants to all fellow healthcare professionals. Cheers GyanOne!
Dr. Shuja Khan
IIM Calcutta / Healthcare Management Program

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