Columbia Business School MBA Essay 2017 Tips Deadlines

CMU Tepper Essays and Deadlines 2015

Tepper Business School aims to educate students who want to hone their analytical skills and advance their leadership potential regardless of background, industry or field. Most recent MBA class at Tepper has a high proportion of students from science backgrounds, and nearly half of our students come from non-technical backgrounds.

CMU Tepper Essays 2015

There are two questions to help us get to know you better. In addition, we offer an optional essay if there is additional information you wish to share about your candidacy.

Essay 1 (Maximum 300 words)

  • Describe a defining moment in your life. How has it shaped you professionally?

Essay 2 (Maximum 300 words)

  • Based on your research and interactions, describe how your strengths contribute to the Tepper School community. How will you benefit from being a member of the Tepper School MBA program?


Your recommender will be asked to respond based on his/her experience working with you:

  1. If you were to coach this candidate with respect to how s/he works within a team, what would you advise that s/he does well? What would you advise the candidate to do differently? Provide specific examples that support your advice.
  2. If you were to coach this candidate on his/her professional development, in what areas would you suggest s/he focus? What are the areas of strength on which s/he can build? Provide specific examples that support your advice.

CMU Tepper Deadlines 2015

 Oct. 5, 2015  Jan. 4, 2016  March 15, 2016  May 1, 2016
 Dec. 15, 2015  March 23, 2016  May 16, 2016  June 1, 2016

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