Texas McCombs MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Texas McCombs MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Deliver a genuine, prepared, and poised interview performance. Thats what the Texas McCombs MBA Admissions Committee advises the candidates appearing for their McCombs MBA interviews. There are four different interview types: on-campus with a student, via Skype with a student, off-campus in your local city with an alumni interviewer, or at a HUB city location with an admissions officer. Interviews typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Interviewers do not have access to anything about you or your application, except for your resume. Most interviewers check applicants for their confidence, clear and concise communication of career goals, concrete examples of teamwork and leadership, in-depth knowledge of our MBA program, and overall genuine enthusiasm. Also, prep well on your secondary skills like self-awareness, communication style, and “hire-ability.” Listed below are some interview experiences by GyanOne McCombs MBA applicants, all taken by second year students.



Texas McCombs MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Interview Experience 1

1. Walk me through your resume.
2. Short and long term goals
3. What is your plan B if your goal doesnt work out.
4. Why McCombs?
5. Why mba right now?
6. Example of leadership.
7. Example of some constructive feedback at work.
8. Any questions.

Interview Experience 2

  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. Short term – Long term Goals.
  3. Leadership experience.
  4. Plan B in terms of goals.
  5. Why MBA? Why now?
  6. Why McCombs?
  7. How will you contribute?
  8. Which other colleges did you apply to?
  9. Anything you would like to say which you haven’t told us.
  10. The latest feedback you got and how have you improved.
  11. Any questions for me.

Most of the questions asked are similar and pretty informal, as mentioned earlier. Post these interviews, interviewers prepare recommendations for the candidates interviewed and submit it to the adcom, for final decision making. So all the best applicants.

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