MSU Broad MBA Interview Questions and Tips

MSU Broad MBA Interview Questions and Tips

The 21-month Full-time MBA Program at the Broad College of Business has one of the most diverse student populations—in terms of ethnicity, gender, national origin, and professional experience. The program has just around 100 students entering the Full-Time MBA degree program each fall, and has an extensive admission criterion for selecting the best among the large pool of applicants.


MSU Broad MBA Interview Questions 

The MSU interview lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and, is consucted by an admission committee member, admission representative, alumni or professor. Mentioned below is a list of questions asked in previous year MSU Broad MBA interviews.

  1. Why do you need an MBA?
  2. Why do you need an MBA from Michigan Broad?
  3. Tell me about a time when you did analysis and made a recommendation to your senior
  4. How do you manage your time? For example if you have 3 or 4 tasks to complete at the same time, what is you approach?
  5. What is your weakness?
  6. How do you resolve conflicts?
  7. Any questions for us?

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