Dartmouth Tuck MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

The Tuck MBA admissions interviews play a critical role in the evaluation process. It is an opportunity for candidates to strengthen their candidatures by enlisting more examples about their leadership qualities, personal attributes and professional abilities. So make the most of it. Introspection on questions like ‘Why Tuck’ and ‘Why MBA’, is important, and deep research about the school and its fit with your goals should be done. Furthermore, display strong interpersonal skills as the adcom is judging the candidate on the same, to gauge your potential as a leader and a team member. Listed below are interview experiences of two of GyanOne’s Tuck MBA applicants.


Interview Experience 1

1) Describe yourself
2)  What do you want to do?
3) Why do you want to move away from manufacturing?
4) How will consulting help you?
5) How would your colleagues describe you?
7) Why Tuck?
8) How will your friends describe you?
9) How will you get involved at Tuck?
10) 20 years later how do you want Tuckies to remember you?
11) If other schools offer you scholarships then where will you go?
12) Any questions for me

Interview Experience 2

Conducted by a second-year student. Was a blind interview. Lasted for 30 minutes. Conversational type of interview.

1.Walk me through your resume
2.Why MBA?
3.Why Tuck?
4.Leadership Experience
5.A challenging project
6.3 strengths and 2 weakness
7.You said it is your first visit to the US. Tell me one thing that you expected and one thing that surprised you during your visit to the states?
8.Who is your role model and why?
9.How did you hear about Tuck first?
10.What are short term goals?
11.Any questions for me.

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