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Canada is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for earning an MBA for Indian applicants. A stable economy, good quality of education, good living standards, easy work permits, and community living are factors attracting applicants towards these top management educations options in Canada. Check out our detailed series on a Top MBA in Canada here

Mentioned below are Richard Ivey success stories at GyanOne.


Ramis is a finance professional, with 7 years of solid experience in one of the Financial services firm in Canada. With a 670 on his GMAT, and strong involvement in community work, Ramis fit many of the evaluation criteria that Ivey has for its applicants. He was a leader not just at work but also in the community.

Ramis is an ethnic Afghan, and had successfully run his own business for 6 years in Canada, before deciding to apply to the Richard Ivey MBA. Apart from having worked as a Financial Adviser, Ramis has also been a regular contributor to social initiatives for the Afghan community in Canada, and he has even been a Radio producer and host! Ramis worked with GyanOne on his Ivey application, with an ambition to first earn an MBA from the coveted Ivey, and then enter a career in investment banking. He has already achieved the first – a vaunted Ivey admit. With his solid financial analysis and investment skills, there is no reason why he would not be able to achieve the second too!


Manveer had a 730 on his GMAT and was working in Indian Oil Corporation for 6 years, when he decided to make that big career shift and pursue an MBA.

A certified Scuba Diver and biking enthusiast, Manveer also had entrepreneurial experience to back up his application – in no less a place than the Andaman and Nicobar islands in India. He has been part of a family business, and then established his own venture in stone mining. Earlier, Manveer worked with Indian Oil, a large public-sector company in India.

Manveer had a tough choice to make. He had got admit offers from HEC Paris and Richard Ivey with scholarship. He finally chose the Top MBA in Canada, and the last we heard, he is quite the rage on campus for his strong analytical abilities, his ability to gel with people and make friends quickly, and his ability to complete challenging tasks quickly and with great focus! Kudos to this Indian entrepreneur.

GyanOne Richard IveyPRASHANT JAIN

Prashant Jain had a ‘typical’ Indian IT Male profile. When Prashant contacted GyanOne for the first time, he was apprehensive about this, and at the same time had dreams of a top MBA brewing in his mind.

As happens with many applicants, though, once Prashant began working on his applications, he realized that there were multiple factors that set him apart from the typical. He had worked for big names in the industry, had won coveted awards, and his work had been appreciated not just by his own team, but also by several colleagues based abroad. Prashant had also worked in the area of emerging technologies which helped him not just to differentiate his work, but also create a very clear path ahead for his career, connecting it strongly to Ivey.

Prashant not only brought very unique insights with into Healthcare IT, but had also the unique distinction of setting up and running his own e-venture. Working with GyanOne, Prashant converted his strengths (both explicit and hidden) into a stellar application for Ivey. Two rounds of interview prep later, Prashant was all set to present his excellent profile to Ivey. Finally, he got the much awaited news from Richard Ivey and that too with a $20,000 scholarship!

GyanOne Ivey admitKUNAL BISWAS

Now this candidate and his success story is worth giving a read twice. An average 660 on the GMAT, 4 year of work experience as a Manager at Tata Motors, and a 100% scholarship at Richard Ivey Business School! Yup, 100% it was!

Kunal, as Prashant who is mentioned earlier in this article, also had a strong inclinaton towards the social development sector and had contributed immensely towards rehabilitation activities of various flood hit victims. He further had extensive leadership experience, at a relatively young age, leading commercial vehicle initiatives for Tata Motors. Kunal had also worked on a few excellent social initiatives, and his well-rounded profile, which he worked with GyanOne on, found strong resonance with Ivey, converting into a great admit.


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